Kyle Madison

Kyle Madison

Kyle est un beau kiffeur, musclé sec, TBM et cho comme la braise. Ce mec avec ses 23 cm épais avec de grosses couilles, est vraiment infatigable. Autant actif que passif, son kiff, se taper des bogos bien looké et surtout en Tn. Il est réel no tabou! Viens kiffer avec Kyle Madison!
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A 2012 Black and white musical: back to the Thirties. Kyle Madisson and Thibault Tribou are two young artists. They are genuine charmers and start cruising each other to a Charleston tune. Kyle flirts with Thibault, playing with him, dancing with him and kissing him, very passionately. Then, Kyle takes out his 8-inch cock. Thibault is loving it. He takes hold of Kyle's big tool and swallows it right away, his head bobbing up and down on his friend. Then, Kyle unzips Thibault's pants and discovers his friend's dick. At first surprised by this supersize tool, he quickly grabs it and sucks it deep down. Thibault Tribou is ecstatic. After a few seconds, Kyle spins his friend around and inserts his slightly curved big dick in Thibault's ass. Thibault is a little bit tense but he lets it in. After a couple of positions, Kyle shoots his load on the young hottie's body. THE END.

Cédric and Kyle are having a drink on the patio. They are talking about their plans. Cédric explains to his friend that he wants to go somewhere else to change sceneries. However, Kyle tells him that it is no use since they have everything at hand... you just have to help yourself. Taking the hint, Cédric grabs his XXL-hung friend's package. But once Kyle is hard, Cédric starts having second thoughts. With such a big tool, Kyle is not just putting his dick into his friend's mouth, but he is literally stuffing his friend's mouth. And it's just the beginning. When Cédric gets anally fucked, he has to put up with some pain before Kyle can go all the way in.

Mathieu Ferhati and Kyle are playing on PlayStation. But Kyle is not really focused on the screen, but more on the sneakers of his buddy. Finally he drops down playstation controller and lay donw on his knees to sniff Mat's Air Max skets... He will get out his 20cm cock.

DVD Serial Sneaker 6 Full movie
DVD Serial Sneaker 6 Full movie

Kyle Madison was masturbating his 23cm of hard dick when John Latino arrives. As soon as get there, John starts to suck that big dick and to lick his baskets. Our two fellows will suck each other dicks and then Kyle will be fucked by John Latino

John Despe is back from the gym in one of the most renowned gay hotels in Nice. His week-end buddy, Mika, that he met last night at the club'Le Glam', is super horny for sex and more particularly for anal sex. However, they are facing a problem because Mika is a top and John does not want to get anally fucked. John looks him straight in the eyes and decides to take the lead. Mika unzips John's fly and swallows his big fat cock. Yummy... After a few minutes of oral sex, John spins him around and opens his butt cheeks to probe his friend's hole with his tongue. Then, he presses his cock head at the entrance of Micka's ass. In and out his cock moves. Even though Mika is having a hard time at first, he takes it and moves his hips to John's rhythm. Gradually, Micka's pleasure increases. It seems like Despe's big shaft has dilated his ass very well.

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DVD Serial Sneaker 6 Full movie
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There are 2 other videos with Kyle Madison on this website There are 2 other videos with Kyle Madison on this website
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