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The biggest dick from Spermoboys


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Tim Loux's Personal Trainer
Tim Loux has decided to take the plunge and to hire a personal trainer. For their first meeting, his trainer suggests a number of exercises to help him develop his muscle mass. He shows Tim the result he can reach by pulling up his shorts thus revealing the strong muscle of his left leg. Tim asks him if he can touch it but the little perv' takes advantage of the situation to grab his trainer's package. Surprised at first, the hot athlete steps back. However, Tim does not chicken out and he proposes to start with some cardio. Turned on by the offer, the hot athlete accepts. Tim does not waste any time. He lowers his trainer's shorts and boxers and swallows his already-hard cock. He relentlessly blows him, hungrily deepthroating him, gagging on the athlete's throbbing cock. The hot trainer exults in the juicy blowjob he is getting but he wants Tim to exceed his limits. So, he grabs his head, locks his powerful hands around it and thrusts his big tool down Tim's cock-craving throat. After this nice warm-up exercise, the two athletes move on to a second work-out exercise. Tim impales himself on his trainer's dick and rides him to show him that he knows how to use all of his muscles⦠The hot trainer then flips Tim over to fuck him on the couch in the missionary position to help him work his adductor muscles. The trainer plows Tim hard, at an increasing pace, to see if his new client has stamina. But eventually Tim is the one who asks his trainer to keep going harder⦠The work-out session ends when Tim cums on his own belly while his trainer is still inside of him. The hot athlete adds his creamy spunk to Tim's, shooting his load on Tim's chest⦠For his first work-out session, Tim has burned 700 calories. With a hot trainer like that, there is no denying the fact that Tim will enjoy working out, on a regular basis
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Julien and his boyfriend have been together for a few months now. Julien is cute, divorced (he had a wife) and oh so sexy! His partner is Italian, top, hung, macho and in love with Julien's ass. Right from the start of this video, you will notice the chemistry between them. All I can say is: Do not miss this intense moment between these two cuties. It is quite special!