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Thibault Tribou

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A 2012 Black and white musical: back to the Thirties. Kyle Madisson and Thibault Tribou are two young artists. They are genuine charmers and start cruising each other to a Charleston tune. Kyle flirts with Thibault, playing with him, dancing with him and kissing him, very passionately. Then, Kyle takes out his 8-inch cock. Thibault is loving it. He takes hold of Kyle's big tool and swallows it right away, his head bobbing up and down on his friend. Then, Kyle unzips Thibault's pants and discovers his friend's dick. At first surprised by this supersize tool, he quickly grabs it and sucks it deep down. Thibault Tribou is ecstatic. After a few seconds, Kyle spins his friend around and inserts his slightly curved big dick in Thibault's ass. Thibault is a little bit tense but he lets it in. After a couple of positions, Kyle shoots his load on the young hottie's body. THE END.

When he comes back home, Cédric walks in on hot twink Thibault Tribou stroking his dick. Without the slightest hesitation, Cédric strips down to get his dick serviced. But Thibault wants more. So, Cédric starts pounding his cock deep into Thibault. However, the twink thinks his friend is not hard enough. Therefore, Thibault spins Cédric around and it is he who finally tops Cédric, ploughing him hard. Cedric is dominated by the young hottie's powerful thrusts. He is going to get his ass broken nice and good.

Brian is in his backyard, watching a gay porn movie on his I-Pad. Thibault shows up and suggests that Brian fuck him instead. The hot twink starts going down on Brian, whose dick is getting hard. Then, it is Brian's turn to give Thibault a nice blow job. After a while, he shoves his hard-throbbing cock into Tibault's tight ass and ploughs him. Thibault moans with pleasure all the way through. Finally, Brian spews his cum shot on the twink's rounded ass.

Thibault Tribou is having a hard time focusing in the study room. He keeps thinking about his friend's dick. Raphael tries to tutor him but his efforts are vain. Thibault pushes his notebook away, unzips his fly and whips out his huge dick, right in front of Raphael. Raph takes hold of his friend's shafts and sucks it down deep, giving him a grade-A head. Since there's no one around, Raphael lies down on a desk, on his back and spreads his butt to let the dick of the young dunce in. Those school boys are far better at sex than in school.

Thibault Tribou and Kyle Madison are bike riding in the Montpellier region, in Southern France. After a long hike, the two athletes take a break to take a leak. Thibault is mesmerized by the size of his buddy's cock. Indeed, Kyle is well-hung. He offers Thibault to get a taste of it. However, the twink hesitates... Kyle reassures him. He won't tell his family. That's all Thibault needed. As a consequence, he starts sucking his friend's cock. Then, he takes it up his ass in the middle of the ruins of an old house, where they stopped.

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