Marc Humper

Marc Humper

Brazilian guy living in France for many years. He's straight looking but very bottom and good sucker. In the first time he was looking after Portuguese dicks and some sneaker stuff, but lately he discovered pleasure of being violently fucked in the basement of social building in French project by Arab men. Lucky guy.
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Published: 2019-02-04

They met once before and had fun. They had to meet again! For their new session Mathieu Ferhati and Marc Humper are gonna go full on. Marc likes to be told what to do and Mathieu knows it. He takes out his big dick and encourage his fuck-buddy to deep-throat it. To motivate him he slaps him in the face and slams his fat cock on his cheeks. Marc loves the abuse and asks for more. When his nipples get squeezed by his friend he arches his back and presents his hole for some good lubricating action. With his face in his buddy's sneakers he gets fucked doggy-style!

Published: 2018-07-30

The hot Marc Humper loves big cocks. He's very lucky today because the dude who's about to play with the Brazilian bottom is hung like a horse! Fabien Roley has been given a nice thick 8 inch cock by mother nature! A fan of sneakers, our Brazilian beauty first enjoys cleaning up Fabien's dirty pair before giving his hole to the stud. Once the fucking starts, it's rough, fast and deep, making Marc moan like a bitch for the best of 15 minutes!

C'est le retour d'Atlant et il reviens plus vicelard que jamais! Il reçoit Marc Humper à la boutique Sketboy et le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est qu'Atlant est passé du côté actif domi/fisteur! Après s'être bien fait pompé puis vénérer les skets, le boss commencer à travailler le cul de sa lope avec quelques doigts avant de le foutre à quatre pattes pour un fist dans les règles de l'art. Marc Humper qui n'en est pas à son premier fist, râle sous les assauts de son fisteur qui lui boxe et lui fouille le cul à deux mains d'un air vicelard.

Marc Humper, the hot Brazilian addicted to big cocks, thought he got a taste of every single huge cock in Paris until....he met Ansar! Ansar is a hairy Arab stud equipped with a fat and long dick. The best thing about Ansar is that he uses it very well! When he sees Marc in the SketBoy shop, he knows it won't be long before he gets to ride the sexy Latino boy! Check this out!


There is a shop in Paris where scallies like to hang around and meet . A sneaker spot where all delusions are permitted. Storemen display the latest products on shelves. And sellers show the stuff and cash in. But not only that. Shop boys also trigger big hard on in their clients' tracksuits. And what happen next can't be told. You just have to watch it !


Les Sketboy's sont de retour dans un film à te faire craquer le survêt! 7 scènes ultra bandantes où tu peux retrouver le boss du site en personne Fred Sneaker s'occuper du boule de Yo dans sa chambre d'hôtel avec au final un arrosage abondant de foutre. Mathieu Ferhati dans son rôle de macho viril vénéré par Emilio le kiffeur Italien footeux. Malik le beur TTBM en déménageur en train de cartonner Gabriel Paris. Maltos le boxeur baisant Marc Humper sans pitié. Le beau Anthony Cruz et sa magnifique queue en train de nourrir Yo dans les vestiaires de sa salle de sport. Dam Killer en bouffeur de panards et accro au gros chibre de Phoenix. Et pour finir une mise à dispo de Gabriel Paris offert à Mathieu Ferhati et Atlant qui vont se charger de lui défoncer son cul attaché sur une table. Tu l'aura compris tous les ingrédients de Serial Sneaker sont réunis dans ce film pour te faire kiffer!


Mathieu Ferhati the serial fucker is back in this new sneaker sex DVD. This 28 years old hunk years an irresistible smile and a 20 cm long hard cock. Matt is surrounded in this film, by new scallies like Mark Humper and Paul Burning but alsow well-known Sketboys such as Yo, Fabien Roley and Gabriel Paris. Fred Sneaker, sketboy boss and Citebeur star Maltos are also there to deal with a cock and smoking sneakers hungry bottom. Mathieu Ferhati, knows how to dominate scallies, that's why he is KIFFEUR SUPERSTAR!

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