John Despe

John Despe

Jonh est un bogos brun muscl? sec avec 21 cm de teub dans le calbut. Il est actif/passif ce qui laisse pas mal d'options pour d'couvrir ce lascar. John a d'couvert le trip sneaker avec Sketboy et je suis heureux de l'accueillir parmi nous. Je suis sur que ce mec va te faire triquer un max derri're ton ordi. JOHN DESPE en sneaker c'est sur Sketboy et nulle part ailleurs!
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John Despe is in charge of auditioning a porn newbie: Jerome Diaz. Reciprocal oral sex, followed by some rough anal sex' a regular'program' when you are topped by John Despe. However, this time, John is so turned on that he can't hold it back and cums in Jerome's ass. A hot 16-minute video filmed in the workshop of Menoboy Studios.

John Despe Pounds Morgan
John Despe Pounds Morgan

When the shooting of a movie by Menoboy Studios is over, it is usually time to party. After the shooting of'Incarceration', which had been pretty hard on the guys, they go wild at Ludo's. However not all actors are in a partying mood... It is particularly the case for John Despe and Morgan Daix who prefer having sex together. Hungry as he is, Morgan Daix attempts to take John Despe's fat cock entirely in his mouth. Good luck with that... John is so well-hung that Morgan has to give it several tries. Then, John wildly ravages Morgan's ass. And Morgan is loving every second of it. It is impressive how those two love sex!

John Despe and Quillan Betton are heading for Dylan's cell. Once they get there, they make him believe that they are his friends and that he can count on them. But John Despe drugs his new friend with some'pleasure candy'. From that moment on, the hottie no longer knows where he is and he will do whatever John tells him to. First, he starts with sucking his big dick. Then, while Quillian is on the lookout, Dylan, who is still in a daze, gets anally slammed roughly by the hot stud. Before taking off, John smears the ass of that'slutty fag' as he calls him.

Last night, John Despe beat up Jessy Dog in the dorms. Morgan Daix, the corrections officer, caught him in the corridor. So, he asked his colleague, Emilo Segura, to interrogate the inmate to know what he was doing wandering around after curfew. In the cell, the corrections officer tries to play the tough guy. But John Despe quickly gets the upper hand and he whips out his big juicy cock before shoving it into the officer's mouth. Then, Emilio gets dominated by the hot bad boy. Extreme positions, spit fetish, facial cum shot... The officer is in for a rough time...

Matt Lopez, that you first saw in'Living with roomies' is visiting'Zhoom' candidates. In the bathroom, Matt gives John Despe a challenging look. In the shower he sucks John's rock hard big cock. Then, lying on the floor, Matt arches his back to receive John's 8-inch tool deep in his ass.

John Despe meets Greg Curl in the basement of a building. With John's 8-inch tool inside of him, Greg is moaning in pleasure. It is hot in Marseilles inner-city neighborhoods. A French video by Menoboy Studios.

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John Despe Pounds Morgan
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