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Cédric Libert

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Dylan and Cedric
Dylan and Cedric

After a long reciprocal oral sex session, Dylan takes care of Cédric's ass and ploughs him in a variety of positions. However, they are not really focused and keep messing around during the entire shooting. So much so that Dylan pulls a muscle trying to fuck Cédric in an acrobatic position. Finally, after fucking in Ludo's bedroom and cuming on his sheets, Cédric and Dylan start chatting.

Cédric is a heavy sleeper. His gay roommate, Brian Dickers, tries to wake him up twice but he is having a hard time. When Cédric sits up in his bed eventually, he finds himself right in front of his roommate's package. Cédric is straightforward and grabs Brian's balls. Brian agrees to spend some time in bed with him, until he is well-awake. To help him with the waking-up process, he offers his dick to Cedric, who starts sucking him. After a little while, Brian spins Cédric around and shoves his dick into Cédric's welcoming ass. A sexy way to wake up your roommate.

Cédric and Kyle are having a drink on the patio. They are talking about their plans. Cédric explains to his friend that he wants to go somewhere else to change sceneries. However, Kyle tells him that it is no use since they have everything at hand... you just have to help yourself. Taking the hint, Cédric grabs his XXL-hung friend's package. But once Kyle is hard, Cédric starts having second thoughts. With such a big tool, Kyle is not just putting his dick into his friend's mouth, but he is literally stuffing his friend's mouth. And it's just the beginning. When Cédric gets anally fucked, he has to put up with some pain before Kyle can go all the way in.

When he comes back home, Cédric walks in on hot twink Thibault Tribou stroking his dick. Without the slightest hesitation, Cédric strips down to get his dick serviced. But Thibault wants more. So, Cédric starts pounding his cock deep into Thibault. However, the twink thinks his friend is not hard enough. Therefore, Thibault spins Cédric around and it is he who finally tops Cédric, ploughing him hard. Cedric is dominated by the young hottie's powerful thrusts. He is going to get his ass broken nice and good.

After a shooting, Cédric starts having sex with Greg Diesel and another buddy. But Cédric is so turned on that he shoots his load very quickly. Since he is frustrated, Greg takes off. But his friend has the firm intention of fucking Cédric even if Cédric has already cum...

Florian Ladicat seems to be living a good life in the juvenile detention center. But this peacefulness has a price tag. As it happens, he pays it to a corrections officer, Cedric, to whom he offers his ass in exchange for a month of tranquility in the center. He services the officer's juicy cock and then gets anally pounded in the warden's office. The hot hunk gets fucked up against the closets and then on the floor. Being a foot fetish, Cedric licks Florian's feet. Finally, he sprays his creamy load on the hot inmate's chest. He will meet him next month to prolong his tranquility in the center.

Dylan and Cedric
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Getting Fucked in Exchange for Privileges
The Supervisor Abuses his Power
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