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While he comes to chase the vampire, Doryann finds himself beaten by Gabriel and Thiago but our hunter is not one to become a prey, armed with his stake, he will quickly take over and make Gabriel a tail sucker rather than a sucker of blood. With the reinforcement of Count Sodomus he transformed Gabriel into a real little whore subject to the tail that will swallow the tassels of both masters before giving his ass as the queen of darkness he has always dreamed of being. He will reach impassioned ecstasy on Doryann's thick stem.

You know the french : any excuse is always good to have gay sex instead of working ! In this French gay porn Fabien Crunchboy brings his mate in his office for gay bareback sex. The gay naked men will have a lot of fun with their big gay dick in the mouth and in the ass.

Atlant is repairing his client's superb convertible. Mathieu Ferathi, the owner of the car, is in hurry to get it back so he goes to check up on the mechanic for an update on his progress. When he arrives, he finds Atlant with his overall pulled down, showing a jockstrap...That's all it takes for Mathieu to pull out his stiff 8 inch cock and to shove it into the mechanic's mouth and ass. A little surprise for those of you who like WS in this video...

When you're in a club, when you have a stage at your disposal to do what you want and on condition of being a bit of an exhibitor, of course, it is difficult to resist the temptation to show yourself on stage...

The comeback of Hugo Thorel stuffed with by his new guy. Please, Hugo Thorel, where do you find your marvellous friends? The last time we saw Hugo he was in love with his very young new husband, Gabin Laroche, the one with the huge cock (they all have huge cocks anyway I don't know why I get tired of repeating it, but the one of this young twink is even more huge), in FS4. I wrote at the time that the little apprentice pastry chef would not keep Hugo in his bed for long... but I was wrong since we did not hear from Hugo Thorel for a while. A lot of time actually... until he called me: "Hi Arnaud, 'have a new guy, come see us one of these days"... Oh, with pleasure Hugo, immediately Hugo, "j'arrive" Hugo. And you know what, well wow it was worth the trip. Djibrill is fair, uh, magnificent ... and beautiful, and classy, and this huge cock (I repeat myself, I repeat myself), and how it ensures... "I cum in your mouth and I bugger you and I reject you on the hole and I re-fuck you, I stuff you with the juice, and I make you eat my cum again"... Phew, that's what is really called being spermed by all the holes. But what a whore Hugo Thorel ... Where do you find your friends Hugo Thorel. I just got out of there hallucinated.

2 years as a couple, 1 year they've been living together. Routine has set in between these young guys in their 20s. The evening was quiet, they are in bed: one sleeps, the other reads a book. But suddenly the latter feels that something's pulling him apart: it's his dick that needs to go wedgie itself into an ass. And what better ass to put on than the one at his boyfriend's disposal. He wakes him up by rubbing his cock against his stingray and the pussy gets hard in turn. He hastens to pump his lover's shaft and soon he'll rediscover why he's hooked up with him: he's a great fucker who knows how to fuck his pussy like nobody else! Big bursts in sight. The flame is back.

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L18649	Menoboy	MNB4189

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Alex is hanging out at the SMAC69. He is horny and looking for some action. He finds Jonathan Darko in a cabin, waiting for a Sneaker boy to play with. Instant chemistry between the two rascals. Blowjob, sock-sniffing and sneaker-cleaning for a start's time to fuck!

Doryann Marguet, famous porn star, practiced, for GayFranchKiss, the role of castor. We pass you the preliminaries (CV, questions, advice, etc.) to arrive at the end, because Doryann as a scrupulous student of doing well wanted to know what his porn candidate had in the belly... (or rather under the belly !)