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Julyann Roch

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After a shooting, Cédric starts having sex with Greg Diesel and another buddy. But Cédric is so turned on that he shoots his load very quickly. Since he is frustrated, Greg takes off. But his friend has the firm intention of fucking Cédric even if Cédric has already cum...

To hire young workers has its advantages. You can ask them to work long hours, they rarely get tired and they are cheaper than older experienced ones. The problem is, once the boss is gone, the young unsupervised workers start messing around, rolling on the floor, wrestling, grabbing each other's dick and...fucking.

Thibault Tribou gets hazed by Julyann Roch and one of his friends in detention. The two high-school boys insult him and throw their pen cases at him. Then, they put their dicks in his mouth. The hot twink takes it as best as he can. But since one of the bullies prefers to be fucked in the ass, Thibault and Julyann take care of it. In turns, they break the cute schoolboy's ass on a desk. Finally, Julyann lets Thibault drill him on a chair until he cums inside of him. Julyan, on his part, sprays his creamy load over the school furniture.

In this dunce room, Julyann is not in a studying mood. On his notebook, he is drawing the dick of the teacher who is watching over him. Noticing that the schoolboy is not studying, the teacher asks him to show him his notebook. But, at first, Julyann refuses, before bringing it to his desk at the second request. When he sees the drawing, the teacher scolds him and then gives him a punishment that fits the crime. It is up to you to say if the the punishment does fit the crime. According to me, Julyann will certainly re-offend next time he is in detention.

Menoboy Studios has opened a very special kind of polling station in Montpellier. It is a gay polling station with the highest voter turnout in France. The voting booths are well-equipped and whether you belong to the Top Party or the Bottom Party, your ballot will be put into the box. Menoboy Studios has followed two voters: Julyann Roch, from right-leaning Top Party and young gay Arab hottie Raphael Yeaah from the Sexual Democratic Party, aka, the Bottom Party. Watching this gay documentary film, you will understand why our polling station has such a low abstention rate. However, you will also have to take into account the fact that we have a lot of blank votes. A video exceptionally starring Ludovic Peltier.

Exclusive: During an interview, two firemen show us the hidden face of a fire station, in Montpellier, in the South of France. Since there is no woman around at the fire station, you have to find a way to get laid. Could you think of a better way than man-to-man sex between two interventions? A delicious documentary film.