Breeding on the stairs
Breeding on the stairs

Breeding on the stairs

Time: 15 min

In Paris, the sexy bearded Mathieu from Lyon catches Oscar Tirso on the Beuronline dating app. His announcement was clear: he's looking for a big cock for a direct booty call without blah blah. The beautiful pair of buttocks as his profile picture has directly attracted Mathieu's interest. The bearded guy is an overtrained active, able to fuck gay butts for hours. The two guys meet on the stairs of a low-cost housing complex and have a hot, bareback gay sex. Mathieu's big cock slams hard into Oscar's ass and gives the young passive man a hard time. Mathieu's backstrokes are very hard and resonate through the stairwell from the top of the building to the ground floor. It will take Mathieu a good hour to calm down.

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