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A special agent is on a mission. He is searching for his his partner, who has been abducted by terrorists. When he finds him, tied in a factory, he is so glad that he cannot help kissing him passionately. Since there is no enemy in sight, his partner decides to give him a blow job to thank him for saving his life. Then, the spy blows his colleague in return before fucking him up against the wall of the factory. Not to get spotted by the enemy, the two men quickly shoot their loads before taking off for new adventures. A gay porn scene by Menoboy Studios.

Greg Curl doesn't need any lube to be fucked up the ass since Tony Hilton is enlarging his asshole using his tongue. After eating out Greg's ass, Tony plunges his dick deep in. Greg's mouth as well as his moaning turn Tony on. He is e so excited that he can't resist unleashing huge loads of cum on his partner's face' or ear. Ooops...

A guy is helping Bryan Cost tidy up a warehouse. All good hard work deserves a fair reward. However, instead of giving him money, Brian decides to pay him in kind. His friend, a top, will not be asked twice. Right away, they whip out their dicks and Bryan swallows his friend's entire shaft. Then, he gives his ass to his friend who drills it at length.

Tonight, French hottie Tony Hilton goes over to Nathan's, a guy he met online. But Nathan wanted to fulfil a fantasy: being video-taped while having sex. So, I get a call from Tony who asks me to come over and film them. A lot of guys share this fantasy and I am always eager to make their dream come true⦠But when I get there, the two hot guys are already going at it. Tony is getting a nice juicy blowjob from his hot buddy. So, I pull out the video camera as fast as I can and start rolling.

Tony Hilton took Jérémie Cooper to a barn to teach him how to give blow jobs. When we filmed this gay scene, Jérémie was a virgin. Tony did not rush him and Jérémie sucked Tony's dick as if he had been doing this his whole life. A real pro ;

A plain-clothes officer is assaulted on his way out of the tram. By chance, he manages to find one of the two attackers and he gets revenge right on the spot' a very special kind of revenge.

A Very Special Secret Mission
Oops, Your Ear...
After effort comes comfort
One Night Stand
Suck my Dick, you Virgin
The Assaulter Assaulted
Kidnapping a Colleague
Gratuitous Assault at Home
There are 4 other videos with Tony Hilton on this website There are 4 other videos with Tony Hilton on this website
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