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Evan is giving a hand to Menoboy Studios by auditioning future gay porn actors. Today, he is auditioning Greg Curl, who jacks off in front of his video camera. With this audition, Greg will be called back for our next movie (to be released in 2009)?

Fred got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. After getting into an argument with a policeman, he was placed in custody. So, he finds himself in a cell, at the police station with Imad a French gay Arab man, who is familiar with the place. Since Greg is still a little bit intoxicated, he is horny as hell and he starts touching himself in front of his cell-mate, who is more and more aggressive because of a behavior he considers inappropriate and quite shocking. As a consequence, Fred tells him to look away if he is uncomfortable. But the Arab boy keeps staring before eventually moving toward Fred and kissing him. So, Fred unzips his pants and whips out his secret weapon. After letting the Arab bad boy stroke his dick for a while he stands up in front of him to get a blowjob.

Greg Curl doesn't need any lube to be fucked up the ass since Tony Hilton is enlarging his asshole using his tongue. After eating out Greg's ass, Tony plunges his dick deep in. Greg's mouth as well as his moaning turn Tony on. He is e so excited that he can't resist unleashing huge loads of cum on his partner's face' or ear. Ooops...

John Despe meets Greg Curl in the basement of a building. With John's 8-inch tool inside of him, Greg is moaning in pleasure. It is hot in Marseilles inner-city neighborhoods. A French video by Menoboy Studios.

A plain-clothes officer is assaulted on his way out of the tram. By chance, he manages to find one of the two attackers and he gets revenge right on the spot' a very special kind of revenge.

For some the new year is a signal for new behaviour. For some it's an opportunity to do what they like even more. Sex for example! A group of six men are celebrating new year's eve with champagne, blowjobs, sodomy and cum! Everyone is fucking or getting fucked! This movie was directed by Ludovic Peltier and the actors are Enzo Rimenez, Greg Curl, Roméo Courtois and Yohann Drissan

Greg's Audition, Filmed by Evan
Fucking in custody with handsome gay arab man
Oops, Your Ear...
John Slides His Dick In
The Assaulter Assaulted
New Year's full of cocks!
Hot Seth and Greg
Hey, Officer...
There are 4 other videos with Greg Curl on this website There are 4 other videos with Greg Curl on this website
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