Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox

Regard vicieux, charisme de bad boy, corps de rêve et grosse bite d'acier : Jordan Fox, pornstar internationale, a clairement tout ce qu'il faut où il faut ! Se remettre entre ses mains, c'est la garantie de s'en prendre plein la gueule et plein le fion. Démonteur hors pair et impitoyable, il dompte tous les trous et n'hésite pas si besoin à distribuer claques et fessées pour asseoir sa domination. LE serial fucker qui les met tous en chaleur.
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Jordan Fox dislodges the ass of a young French twink
Jordan Fox dislodges the ass of a young French twink

Third scene taken from the controversial DVD Schyzo featuring a top french porn star Jordan Fox playing the role of schizophrenic serial rapist. Filmed and produced by Ridley Dovarez, the author of DVDs Barbarians and Sadik. In this new DVD we are following sexual fantasies of this troubles person who uses his big dick and his wide imagination to fuck his victims.

Jordan Fox has just finished his daily workout in the gym. He heads off to the sun-bed. Unfortunately another dude called John decided to do the same so Jordan's cabin is busy. Pissed-off he decides to teach him a lesson to show him who the boss is! He uses his massive dick to punish the dude's mouth and ass! No one messes up with Jordan Fox!

In this second episode of Agent X, Gustav (Matt Kennedy) gets his bodyguard Jordan Fox to follow him to a place that looks like an ancient arena and pick up the bomb destined to explode. Its content will soon bespreading on the French Riviera. But is the spray really working? A test is in order to check it out. Jordan becomes a Guinea pig, totally under the effect of the vicious spray, but it is Matt Kennedy going crazy who's on a mission to get his holes destroyed, like a true whore!

Scene extracted from the long version of SCHYZO where we find sometimes Jordan Fox in perverse dominator, sometimes Mathieu Ferhati in tender lover and hugs for the greatest pleasures of Guillermo. Slaps in the mouth, huge cock of Jordan Fox at the back of the throat and widening of the hole of the young passive or languid kisses, caresses and tenderness and intense sodomy, the young Guillermo discovers the angel and demon side of Colby Kadiroff in a scene mixing in a way mind blowing the trio. (this scene combines the two separate scenes from the film)

Remember, there are 2 years Crunchboy showed you a video in which super EXHIB JORDAN FOX niquait KYLE LENA in the streets of Bordeaux, avenue Thiers .. Well we did it again lol .. Here Jonathan DARKO get blown in full street by PICWIK before déboiter his ass in full in the street behind garbage cans . You'll see, there's guys lol passing in the street and filmed everything and kept everything ! Risky video EXHIB 100% as only Crunchboy offers you ^^

A town boss stops between two deals at a petrol station and a little white slut comes to light it. No worries gas but you're gonna kill. The superior follows the crevice before submitting it to its big perverse tail. He is going to scuff it like the last of the whores and to disassemble the bottom of the throat before exploding the glottis. He will not sprinkle him with contempt, without respect or consideration, of his royal juice of good man. Second scene from the Schyzo series. This film traces the course of Colby Kadirof, a serial rapist played by the magnificent Jordan Fox who in this role expresses his full sexual powers on the victims subjected to his evil desires.

Jordan Fox dislodges the ass of a young French twink
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