Ce beau brun au regard de braise est une vrai bouffeur de bite !! Il aime ça et il encaisse, les coups de bite et les coups tout court... Sahaj, c'est LA bombe qui sait se donner et te faire prendre ton pied
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Sarah has been sent to Toulon to work on the docs for three weeks. The problem is Sarah has different priorities than work. He rather drink and fuck than work! Jordan Fox who is spending a holiday in the same location placed a bet with us: "I bet you I'll manage to fuck the dude like my bitch!" Guess what? He did!

Sahaj, an Arab hottie, is visiting Paris. He is staying at Adem's, a friend of his. Since there has always been some kind of sexual attraction between them, he takes advantage of the situation to nail his buddy on his way out of the shower, when he is naked and exposed. Adem is always up for some fun and lets his friend kiss him gently in the middle of the bathroom. Soon, Adem's towel falls on the ground and Sahaj starts blowing his buddy on the rim of the tub. He works his juicy lips up and down on Adem's hard prick. After several minutes of hot oral sex, they head into the living room. Arny, Adem's roommate has overheard them and he is waiting for them, naked, on the couch⦠Adem and Sahaj don't seem to mind Arny joining in⦠The more the merrier, right? The Arab hottie is really hungry and he is in for some treat. He has strong

Sahaj stirs all eyes on Paris . That evening, he came home in eleventh when a hooded individual followed him home at night. Sajah did not see it coming . Fantasized about the guy ass movies in which Sahaj was done apart like never ! Barely asleep, the guy broke into his home and begins to touch then requires to be sucked in the groove bottom up even the water in the mouth ... And as he sees that Sahaj gets off, that the' excites more!

We sent Sajah on a Crunch mission for three weeks in Toulon. Sajah hates working. He's rather lazy to tell the truth but when it comes to sex, he is the first in line for action! Mister Jordan FOX spotted him online and since he was in the area he offered to fuck his ass. Sahaj accepted at the condition that he drank loads of water and pissed on him after having banged his hole... Let's see how it went!

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