Nathan Lemal

Nathan Lemal

Nathan LEMAL est un bogosse de 21 ans, minet, autant passif qu'actif, il adore le sexe... et encore plus quand c'est filmé... Nathan à une bonne queue de 19 cm, et kiffe tout en sexe, et adore les plans extérieurs surtout quand il pleut... Attention car quand Nathan LEMAL nique, ça fait très très mal lol
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Nathan walks into the changing room of a gym looking for a certain type of workout... This gym's got a reputation for being popular amongst scally boys looking for fun. Nathan doesn't have to wait too long as he's been spotted by Seb. The rascals start up a horny sneaker session but who's gonna get fucked?

Nathan LEMAL made ??the acquaintance of a lascard on the chat CrunchBoy in the Rhone Alpes region. He was passing on Lyons to see his family and he will take the opportunity to give appointment to a beautiful little guy in an old abandoned house in a dodgy place all tagged ! It will be very hot because the lascard loves getting pumped by a gay!

Here we are at Caen where Rod and Nathan MALEK LEMAL have been together for 4 years now . They met on the football field of low BAYEUXen Normandy. MALEK Rod did not know Nathan LEMAL was gay and that is after a major defeat he learned . The coach was serious angry that Nathan has decided to disqualify him. Nathan, football was his life .. depressed, it is with Rod MALEK he will find comfort ... When one is depressed, it is small and can be fooled .. C' is by a sex very " footreux " a beautiful love story began ... Here are the pictures of their first sex session, which is not a fairy tale !

Ludo SELES lives in Alsace and the Gave it to be told that he has a ptite dick !!! He contacted me to prove to the whole of France that has a dick normal size and that above all it feels good ... So I went to Saverne near Strasbourg with my favorite Crunchboy Nathan Nathan LEMAL .. that is normally active so I told myself, as the Ludo SELES he ptite a dick, it will not be too bad .. Bah missed ! The LUDO he unsheathed faster than his shadow

Chinon Castle, in full burgundy close to Nevers, is the middle of nowhere or vicious old lurk everywhere and masturbate when there way .. That day, Nathan Jimy FIX LEMAL and take a sun bath in the garden .. the heat excites them and they start fondling sex ... they quickly subdue and start sucking the tail .. the neighbor on the terrace behind the window and the matte couple of young twinks .. What vicious !

Two beautiful lascards you guys come together in an abandoned house . EN lack of sex, Nathan is determined to be pumped tail. IN the beginning, it starts badly as the two city guys get confused and begin to Maraver ... Soon, Nathan LEMAL takes over and forces his buddy to suck his dick.

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There are 7 other videos with Nathan Lemal on this website There are 7 other videos with Nathan Lemal on this website
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