Ass on Fire - Menoboy
Time: 88 minutes
Dylan et Greg ne sont pas du genre à  aller chercher les chats coincés sur les toits. Non eux leur truc c'est plutà´t d'éteindre les incendies ! Et lorsque Noa appelle car il a le feu au cul, les deux sapeurs vont rapidement sortir leurs lances et calmer les ardeurs de la victime !Les pompiers professionnels de cette caserne trouvent toujours une occasion pour se dégourdir la queue ! Sur le terrain en pleine canicule, pendant la collecte de fonds pour le calendrier, entre deux interv' ou avec la police lorsqu'il faut arrondir les angles...A votre service, m'sieur !
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A policeman pays a visit to a fireman, Ferathi, following a stone-throwing incident. At 7.30 p.m. the cop has to leave. However, he is held back by the fireman who pushes him against the wall and undresses him because he has a fire inside of him that he intends to put out. There starts a hot sex session between the two cuties. Once they have taken off their uniforms, the two French guys blow each other right on the floor. Then, the fireman fucks the young cop in every nook and cranny of his office. They start on the chair, before moving on to the desk and they finish where it all started: on the floor. The cop moans at each of his colleague's powerful thrusts. There is no denying the fact that the fireman knows how to use his big hose. In the end, the young cop shoots his load on his colleague's belly, while still getting plowed by him. When law-enforcement agencies cooperate, the fusion can be really hot!

Adem is a firefighter in Montpellier. For Christmas, the Fire Department organizes a bingo night and he is canvassing the neighborhood to collect some prizes. Today, people have not been that generous so, Adem gives one last try before going back home, by knowking on the door of a local small company. The director of the company, Yohan, a suit-wearing hottie, opens the door and lets him in. He is eager to help but lets him know that what he sells may not be of interest for a fire department bingo night. When he walks into the store-room, Adem understands that the company is actually a sex shop. But the hot firefighter is open-minded and he manages to find a couple of items that are not too controversialâ¦. While promoting the dildos that he sells, Yohan starts asking Adem if what people say about firefighters is true⦠Adem is no shy at all and he whips out his 8-inch-long hose to show the entrepreneur that he is up to his reputation. Yohan is impressed and, since he notices that Adem is half-hard, he cannot resist the urge of getting some taste of this nice dick that the firefighter dangles in front of him. He drops to his knees and starts blowing Adem. He really enjoys Adem's dick because it is bigger than the sex toys he sells⦠After sucking Adem's hose at length, the two hotties head to Yohan's office, which is far more comfortable than the store-room. Yohan resumes sucking Adem's juicy hose before getting on all fours on the chair that is usually reserved to customers. He gets his hole eaten out by the firefighter, who playfully tongues the cute entrepreneur's warm hole. They then get down to business: the hot stud plunges his dick in and starts fucking Yohan up against his desk. Then, the firefighter flips the entrepreneur over and drills his hole on the desk. Usually, Adem rather puts out fires but tonight he is in the mood of lighting up a fire inside Yohan's cock-craving hole! He goes wild on the entrepreneur's ass until he shoots his warm load of spunk on Yohan's belly, thus releasing the pressure he has been under for a week! Yohan realizes that it is far better to ride a nice real dick than the dildos he usually testsâ¦

Exclusive: During an interview, two firemen show us the hidden face of a fire station, in Montpellier, in the South of France. Since there is no woman around at the fire station, you have to find a way to get laid. Could you think of a better way than man-to-man sex between two interventions? A delicious documentary film.


Noa is into men in firemen's uniforms. He calls 911 and tells the person who picks up a cock-and-bull story. When Dylan and Greg Centuri, two gay firefighters, get there they do what they can to calm down the restless twink, who is really hot in the ass. Noa goes down on both of them. Then, Dylan lifts Noa's butt to slide his dick in. Every inch deeper that the cock goes triggers a new flash of pleasure for Noa. After fucking him hard and filling him from both ends, the two firemen spray their loads on the hot twink's sweet face.

After his first video''Dial 911 if your ass is on fire'' find out your favorite straight-acting fireman, Dylan, in charge of surveillance with his colleague, Sunny Blue. A hot wave has been hitting the south of France and the fire risk is high in the scrubland. At one point, Dylan wants to take a leak so, he walks away from his colleague. But like him, his colleague is a gay fireman and he follows him to check him out. Taken aback, Dylan takes him to a remote place, behind a farm machine. Sunny Blue unzips his colleague's pants and swallows his dick. Find out what happens next by watching the video.

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