Hot Break in the Basement

Time: 16 min

Eric is clearing the basement of one of his clients with his new employee, Julien, a cutie that does leave him indifferent. The boss suggests his employee to take a break asking him:'do you wanna blow me?' Not taken aback by his straight-forward boss, Julien kneels down and he cannot believe what he sees: not only his boss is well-hung but he already has a boner! He starts stroking his boss' hard dick through his boxers before playing with it and running his tongue all the way to the top of Eric's shaft. Then, in the middle of the basement, Eric gets a juicy blowjob from his obedient employee. He gently moves his cock in and out of Julien's welcoming mouth. And Julien enjoys every inch of it. Eric decides to blow his employee in return but he is so good at it that Julien is soon close. To make this hot break last a little bit longer, Julien offers his boss his tight ass for him to fuck in the middle of the basement. The young man lies down on a table and spreads his legs to welcome his stud of boss' thick dick. Eric's thrusts are at first gentle and slow before becoming more vigorous and Julien loves the feeling. He exults in having his new boss' throbbing dick deep inside of him. He loves it so much that, once again, he is close and, this time, he can no longer hold it. He cums on his flat stomach while Eric is still boning him. Eric climaxes as well: he shoots several ropes of spunk with the help of his nice employee, who wanted to take care of his boss until the end. If all employee/employer relations were like this one, there would be far fewer strikes in France!

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