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Doryann Marguet

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Nier defeat against Mathieu (see FIGHTERS 1), Doryann is joined by Ludwig in a crusing bar sordid. Very well come back to see her so, he will give her a lesson in Sexual Fight in public. After eating his mouth and pumping the dick, Ludwig helped Thiago to make Doryann a sexual punching ball that he will dominate with cock shots with his big cock juicy. Attend this torrid second round at Full Metal.

The steaming-hot Doryann Marguet is always up for new experiences. Todays he is embarking in a car ride with a horny boy who can't wait for the vehicle to stop to get a taste of the stud's cock. Doryann is driving while his dick is being deep-throated by the greedy boy. When they finally get to stop, they fuck each others' ass, totally disregarding the passers-by and other drivers!

Final explosive between a Gustav (Matt Kennedy) more insane than ever and a Craig 00SEXE (Doryann Marguet) at the mercy of last but the agent Craig has of the resource and in two time, three movements will know to return the situation to his Advantage to engage in an epic and sexual anthology fight. Melee body, stuffing of anus, picture of the mouth of Gustav before enlargement of the hole for an apocalyptic final where the juice will flow afloat.

Guillermo Cruz, a young slut in the service of Gustav (Matt Kennedy), decided to help agent Craig (Doryann Marguet) by inviting him to join him on the heights of Cannes. He will be able to test the 6 shots of the agent Craig 00SEXE on the hood of his convertible before the latter does discharge in his ass of submissive bitch. Good luck Mr. Craig!

Agents X - scene 1 / Perilous mission for the agent DORYANN CRAIG 00SEXE (Doryann Marguet)! Invest a warehouse and get hold of AGENT X, a terrifying power gas that turns any straight lesbian homosexual! A shot of spray in the mouth of the vigil (Will Wood) and it is four steps to pump the big cock Doryann before offering him his ass tight as a good bitch submissive! Good blows bumping our secret agent who will empty his balls full of his secret agent's juice on the hallucinated face of the vigil who takes his foot like never before

Addicted to your cock
Addicted to your cock

Doryann Marguet is practicing his favourite hobby today: drawing. He is enjoying this moment of creativity when the bell rings. His fuck-buddy is at the door and he wants cock right now...

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Car ride with Doryann Marguet
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Guillermo gives her wet holes and gets dismantled like a good bitch
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Addicted to your cock
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