Enzo Bangs Ijon

Time: 18 min

Enzo Rimenez is spending the week-end in Lille and, in the street, he comes across a Polish hottie, Ijon Dolman. They click right away and Enzo invites him over to his hotel room. Enzo does not speak Polish and Ijon does not speak French but in these kinds of situations, words are useless to communicate: no sooner have they entered Enzo's hotel room than the two hotties sit down on the couch and start making out. Their kisses are soft and tender, their caresses are gentle. There is definitely a passionate connection between those two. The hot Pole runs his lips over Enzo's muscular chest paying close attention to the Frenchman's nipples, which are not indifferent to Ijon's playful lips. He then swallows Enzo's hard thick dick and the French stud exults in the expert blowjob he is getting. It's soon Enzo's turn to take care of the Polish twink's soft cock, which quickly becomes harder and harder. The chemistry is such between the two hotties that Enzo starts stroking Ijon's angelic face gently, while getting blown again by Ijon. Suddenly, Enzo motions his new friend to turn around so he can spread his butt-cheeks and stick his tongue in the Polish twink's sweet hole. He hungrily eats Ijon out before shoving his thick shaft in. On all fours on the couch, the Polish twink gets pounded hard by his French lover and they are both loving it! That's some nice international ass-drilling session! Then, the French stud fucks his Polish lover on the desk. His legs in the air, Ijon gets pounded, shuddering at each of Enzo's energetic thrusts. He cums while Enzo is still inside of him. The French stud pulls out and shoots his hot load on Ijon's smooth muscular belly. The first French-Polish gay porn scene by Menoboy Studios.

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