Leo Helios

Leo Helios

Léo Hélios c'est LA star montante du porno. En peu de temps il a réussi à se faire un nom dans le porno Français et Européen. Léo à des yeux bleus avec un regard qui pue le sexe. Il est actif/passif avec un corp musclé sec, imberbe, un cul rond et ferme et une teub qui bande dur comme une matraque. Léo c'est THE bogosse!
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The handsome Leo Helios is running a guest house. This morning he walks around to inspect the work of his employee and finds him on his knees, cleaning the floor, Leo gets an instant hardon in his jeans and the inspection turns into a sex-break. A resident passing by decides to join the couple and Leo's cute ass becomes the center of attention!

Leo Helios and his friend Thomas bump into a couple having sex openly in the outdoors...They offer them to join the fun. The four boys start kissing and sucking each-other off until they get caught by passers-by. No worries, they head off to their mobile home to finish their little fuck-feast!

When Leo Helios and his boyfriend go on holidays it's to live new experiences and have loads of fun! The couple is back from a nudist beach and they're hitch-hiking back to their rented mobile-home. A tall sexy dude stops to give them a lift and of course they invite him in to thank him the way they know: sex! The hunky guy gets his package massed by Leo while his boyfriend wanks his cock. After a bit of oral fun the hunk turns out to be a bottom and gives his ass to Leo's bf and he loves it! Quickly Leo takes the lead and makes sure he is at the center of the action. He gets spit-roasted an ends up covered with two loads of cum!


Enzo loves hanging around in sex-clubs, looking to suck cocks in the glory-hole. He position himself in front of a hole, expecting a meaty dick...Instead he comes face to face with a sneaker. He uses his tongue to clean it up. Soon after a cock sticks out from the opposite hole. He wraps his lips around the shaft and gets to work. The greedy Enzo ends up servicing both dudes...Check it out!

Enzo likes to hang around glory holes. He usually expects to see cocks. This time, a sneaker is emerging from the whole instead. He will complete the blow job anyway. A third thug is showing off his hard dick through another whole, which is immediately grabbed by hungry Enzo. The two fellows join Enzo behind the wall with their smoking sneakers. The smell of sweat invade the cabin. Check out what's gonna happen next....

Leo Helios loves hanging out in the changing room of the gym after a good workout. He knows he can always find some action there. Just like today when Skorp spots him by the lockers. One look at each other is all it takes. The two rascals know what they want.... Leo grabs the dude, forces him down at his sneakers then gives him a rough fuck before shooting his load in a pair of TN left on the floor.

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There are 28 other videos with Leo Helios on this website There are 28 other videos with Leo Helios on this website
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