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Jessy Dog

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Baking can be fun. Baking and fucking is even better! Fabian Esteban, Greg Diesel and Jessy Dog involved in a four-some baking orgy. Jam and chocolate to be licked of a cock or a hole, banana and cock up an ass, the boys like to play and shoot their loads of whipped-cream!

A young french porn actor Fabian Esteban loves taking care of his hosts and their big cocks and hungry asses. When his next guest arrives at the door, he welcomes him the way he knows: with a welcome present designed to please - his cock! The lucky new visitor is not the only occupier. A gay couple have also chosen Fabian's place... When the four end up in the living-room together, things get quickly out of hands! Cocks out, asses up, it's orgy time!

Fabian Esteban is the manager of a country hostel and he always makes sure the residents get the best customer service. He is all about service! So when he sees the young Atlant wearing a jockstrap on the terrace he is quick on his knees to suck on the young man's cock. Then Jessy Dog arrives and sees the two horny boys, he joins the action to finish off fucking in the bedroom. Three gorgeous boys in a steamy-hot threesome not to be missed!

Jessy Dog is straight. He has a girlfriend waiting for him outside. Ever since he was locked up, he has been missing Mallory's pussy a lot. After his fight with John at the cafeteria, the other day, he was sent to the isolation wing. However, there is nothing much to do there except jerking off thinking about the last time he fucked his girlfriend. While the corrections officer does his rounds, Jessy shouts at him:'You like my dick, don't cha, big slut?' The officer takes the hint and walks into the punishment cell to suck the inmate's cock. Jessy is craving for sex so much that he ploughs him hard. This Parisian scum spanks the officer until he is scarlet. Once both of them have cum, the officer will resume his rounds.

Dylan and Jessy Dog set a trap for John Despe. They ambush him in the laundry room where he is in charge of laundry. The two men immobilize him and fuck him in turns. Since he is a top, John is not particularly enjoying it. The victim tries to get away to shorten his suffering but the two do not loosen their grip on him. Dylan and Jessy dilate his ass so much that John screams in pain. In the end, the two men leave him here after smearing him with their spunk!

Two Straight and a Bisexual to please a girl
Two Straight and a Bisexual to please a girl

Jess Royan has something special for you guys today: Jessy Dog with a girl, a bisexual and a straight boy. The is dominant and has the bisexual dude on a leash. She spank his ass and dildo-fucks him. Jessy and the straight boy join in the please the horny girl...The straight boy will get a dude's tongue on his hole for the first time!

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Two Straight and a Bisexual to please a girl
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There are 8 other videos with Jessy Dog on this website There are 8 other videos with Jessy Dog on this website
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