Now's the time to show you like it
Now's the time to show you like it

Now's the time to show you like it

Gay video. Time: 25 min

Rafael, the Brazilian sexy dom top, is straightforward: a lot of guys want to worship him, and he only keeps the best, most obedient holes. Chris Lleca applies and comes to show him his talents. He's got 30 minutes to turn the boss on to the max and show him he deserves to join his crew of cockholes he's eager to stuff and use. Chris knows what he's worth, he's already sucked some big dicks in the past, he shows it and you can feel it. His throat is as good as a pussy's and it sucks perfectly. He's got the perfect position when he's sucking dick on the floor, and he makes it clear that his ass is horny and available. Rafael's going to bang it hard and Chris is going to moan and take it deep. It's a great level and a guy who's begging for his loads with his mouth wide open. OK, it's on.

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