Power failure, long-lasting dick
Power failure, long-lasting dick

Power failure, long-lasting dick

Gay video. Time: 20 min

There's a power cut in the basement, but that's not going to stop Dzfuck from having a good fuck. He gives Fabio Lopez an appointment and the guy finds his way to the cock. Fortunately now there's phone to find your way in the dark. Fabio, the handsome, bearded french dude, finally finds Dzfuck and makes no secret of his pleasure at gaining access to his magnificent dick. He talks and moans loudly, showing that he needs and likes it, and this makes Dzfuck hard to the max. For the arab boss, a breakdown never happens: ultra-enduring, always hard as a rock, he rams his overpowering and delicious cock into every hole and only stops when he feels he's had enough. Fabio's going to have to take it, and that's what he's here for. His holes belong to his arab master.

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