Fucked in Detention

Time: 13 min

This week I went to a French inner-city high school and I have to admit: those young inner-city boys are hot. In a studying room, I filmed Raphael getting fucked by his friend while the supervisor was on his cigarette break. Crazy! Here is how it went: Raphael, a young gay boy walks up to the supervisor's desk and he steals a yellow highlighter. Then, under the desk he finds out a few condoms and some lube. He goes back to his seat, laughing. As his boner starts growing, his crotch is bulging. Noticing it, his friend, Maxence Angel, offers him a blow job. At first, Raphael hesitates but he lets his friend suck him under the desk. However, Maxence does not want to stop there, he wants to go all the way and to pound him on the table. With Maxence's thick 7.8-inch tool, Raphael is having have rough time...

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