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Like every week, Tiago is coming to Cédric's to get his manhole drilled. However, instead of meeting Cédric, he finds himself in front of Cédric's twin brother, Thomas. Thomas asks him questions about the nature of his relationship with Cédric since his brother has a girlfriend. So, Tiago explains to him the real purpose of his visit. Thomas can't believe it and he insists on knowing all the details :'You mean, he really plows your ass?'.'He surely does', Tiago answers. Yes, Tiago has come here to get pounded hard and he intends to get what he came here for. So, he offers Cédric's brother to give it a try with guys.

the first porn movie of FLOCON
the first porn movie of FLOCON

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Tiago, Xavio and Stephen are renting a beautiful house in southern France for their vacation. One afternoon, Tiago gets bored and finds himself incredibly horny. So, he decides to give his friend Xavio a juicy blow job, right there, in the middle of the living room. Stephen is sitting on the couch, watching them and enjoying the hot sex show that unfolds in front of him. He starts stroking his huge dick but he soon cannot resist and he joins his two friends. Lying on the top of the back of the couch, Xavio is still getting blown by Tiago and he takes Stephen's 8-inch-long monster cock in his mouth. The three buddies enjoy some nice oral sex session. Tiago really seems to be a cock-craving whore: he can't get enough and after blowing Xavio at length, he takes care of Stephen's thick pole. But all of a sudden, an unexpected shift occurs: Xavio slides behind Tiago and shoves his dick into the horny bottom's hole, taking him by surprise. Then, it's Stephen's turn to enjoy Tiago's ass. He plunges his 8-inch-long monster cock in and Tiago's reaction is immediate. He groans, moans and shouts while getting boned hard by the hot well-endowed French stud. To keep him quiet, Xavio sticks his dick in Tiago's mouth and let's just say it is pretty much working⦠Tiago's screams are muffled by Xavio's rock-hard shaft! The two hot studs then fuck the cock-hungry bottom in turn, both alternatively enjoying his wet mouth and his hot ass⦠Then, while Xavio is fucking Tiago on the couch, Stephen suddenly sticks his dick in Xavio's hole for a hot chain-fucking session. Now, it's Xavio's turn to scream while getting pounded hard by his buddy's monster cock. First, he gets fucked while fucking Tiago and then Tiago blows him to increase his friend's pleasure. Have a look at that hot original three-some which ends up in a double facial cum-shot⦠And Xavio treats his friend with a genuine cum shower, shooting several heavy ropes of creamy cum on Tiago's cute face. There is no denying the fact that those three know how to kill time⦠They don't remain idle for too longâ¦

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the first porn movie of FLOCON
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