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Wild Union - 'Oh oui, Encore...'
Wild Union - 'Oh oui, Encore...'

Tim Loux is a sex machine. What he loves the most: Arab guys and massive cocks. Tonight, he has both with XXL-hung Arab stud Kamzouz. It clicks right away. Tim doesn't let go of Kamzouz' dick which fills his whole mouth. Kamzouz ends up spinning him around and forcefully slides his dick in. Tim is exulting but he can't get enough. He screams and asks his sex partner for more, and even more. Soooo good!

Once more, Kamzouz proves us that he's definitely a top. So far, we've had the privilege to our favorite Arab hottie twice as a bottom: the first time for his audition with Dylan and the second time with Kareem. However, in this brand new video, Kamzouz refuses to get fucked in his ass. Therefore, Kenzo will have to ride Kamzouz' huge cock. It's more easily said than done because Kenzo is only a top too. Have a look at this first video starring Kenzo bottoming.

Kareem takes his bro, Kamzouz, home for a hot hookup. But there is a problem: both of them are tops. After some nice oral sex, the two hotties start to debate and, this time, it turns out that Kamzouz will have to bottom. He will have to take Kareem's big dick up his ass. But before that, Kareem's boyfriend, who has just joined them, turns Kamzouz on and helps him relax his ass, which is well-renowned for being really tight. Then, Kazmouz has to take Kareem's powerful thrusts because Kareem is pretty wild when he bangs a guy. After getting drilled nice and hard, on the dining table, Kazmouz gets covered in hot creamy jism. Apparently Kareem did not have sex in a while: his balls were full. Who said Kamzouz's ass was hard to get in?

HUGE !! Stan LACOSTE (which produces X videos), is found 4 legged sitting sneakers for submission to Kamzouze our lil rebeu well-hung . Tony REKINS we propose here a video 100% pure sneaker and you will love how stan LACOSTE takes kiff eat a good pair of Sox ..

We are in a room behind the bar of a chic restaurant in Paris. Kamzouze is waiting for an employee to give him his yearly review. To help with the assessment the employee (Matt KENEDY) offers him a blowjob...That's real job dedication!

A hot video for you now. I asked my hung Arab friend KAMZOUZE to do a casting scene with the young YUKE. I put the two together for one reason: They both have 9 inch of juicy meat lying between their legs. When we see the two side by side with their dicks out we can't help but to feel a bit small lol. So the sexy YUKE isa top and he is sucking cock on camera for the very first time, clearly enjoying himself... a moment later, the top porn-star wannabe is getting fucked for the the first time! The things you do to please a director!!!

Wild Union - 'Oh oui, Encore...'
Two Tops, One Scene: Who's Gonna Cave In?
Kamzouz Bottoming... Not That Hard to Get In...
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Dedicated to the (b)job
Yuke's first cock up his ass for casting video
KAMZOUZE and his 9 inch for Tony AXEL
Big Arab dick for boy's ass
There are 12 other videos with Kamzouz on this website There are 12 other videos with Kamzouz on this website
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