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Eric Angeletti

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Eric takes his friend to the living-room. He tells him to kneel down and to suck on his dick, which is still rather soft. Yohan complies with his friend's request. Eric's dick, which becomes harder and harder. Then, it is Yohan's turn to get a blowjob from his friend. They blow each other in turns for a little while and soon Yohan gets on all fours. At first sight, you would have thought that Yohan was a submissive bottom but, unexpectedly, there comes a twist and it's Eric who gets fucked by Yohan. Yohan plunged his dick into Eric's welcoming hole and he starts fucking him hard. Eric starts moaning louder and louder. He arches his back to feel Yohan's cock deep inside of him. On his part, Yohan spreads his friend's cheeks to pound him nice and good, just the way he loves. After getting fucked doggie-style, Eric sits on his fuck-buddy's dick and bounces up and down on it, before finally getting boned on his back.

In Tours, it is known to place a very very public kiss : Les Thermes Grammont ! On assignment in the Centre region, Jess meets Pierre Bubu, handsome guy known to have a good tail Portuguese ! Intrigued, Jess asks him to show his dick on camera ... The more it grows, Jess in saliva and can not resist the temptation to taste it . And when Peter discovers Bubu XXL size Jess everything is reversed cock ... and when it reverses, reverses all !!!

Eric Angeletti turned to many productions, but when you have seen the film say to you that there, the guys take as their foot! Stef Killer is a gear of 22 cm, a lascard of mouth and a killer attitude ... Eric was accustomed to the rather soft shots before. Stéf reveals his true personality and Eric will consider as an empty balls

Momo95 is back with the balls full of juice! He made ??an appointment with Eric Angeletti a lil pussy subject liabilities, in his basement ! Momo95 it not kidding when he fucks a guy! He blindfolded Eric after making him swallow his big zboub ! Momo95 Yop it is crazy and it will put full well its tail to Eric booze him cream ! Momo95 Hey, did you ? He dared to spit in your Yop ! Put him misery !!!

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Eric ANGELETTI is on holiday with his uncle in Marseille and he did not doubt for a moment what will happen to it; IL is two in the morning when his uncle returned from a too watered evening. Need sex, it goes to wake his cousin and will use it as empty balls ... Eric sleepy do not even realize it's the big cock of his uncle it in the mouth .. One thing is sure, this treat!

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There are 2 other videos with Eric Angeletti on this website There are 2 other videos with Eric Angeletti on this website
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