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Stany Falcone was visiting Cambrai in the north to visit his cousin Julien Welman . When Stany admit that he is gay, he can not help but make advances . Julien Welman always gets off Stany (normal, this is a guy bomb) ... Come we go into the cellar, I have created a special place and I suck .. heterosexuals Stany discovers the Glory Holes made ??by its Cousin...

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After his training in football, Stany Falcone always used to go for a drink at NEXT in Paris. That day, his friends made ??him a surprise .. "Go to the bottom Stany, someone is waiting for you " .. Indeed, one will lope served good balls empty while waiting to Stany 4 Paws in Jock Strap, the hole already well greased .. Stany will kiffer and inevitably you too ..

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Stany, the French riders' coach, has just noticed that his youngest athlete, Bryan, is suffering from a discomfort in his left calf. To increase his performance and to alleviate the pain, he offers him a massage. But when he starts massaging him, he notices that Bryan is suffering from a muscular contracture and that he will have to perform a more thorough massage. So, he asks the young rider to take off his cyclist pants. But, since he is not wearing any underwear, Bryan is a little bit embarrassed to get naked in front of his coach. Stany will soon make him comfortable by turning his vigorous massage into a sensual one. His curious hand starts exploring every intimate nook and cranny of the rider's fit body. He rubs his semi-erect cock before wandering toward his sweet anus and paying close attention to his fleshy scrotum. Less shy than he first was, Bryan stretches out his hand toward his coach's package as if to imply that his massage is not inappropriate at all. Off come Stany's pants and Bryan does not waste any time before he leans over to swallow the athletic hunk's already-hard dick that is being unleashed in front of him. His stud of a coach then blows him in return before the submissive horny rider lies down on his stomach and spreads his legs to offer his mouthwatering sweet hole to his overexcited personal masseur. After gently tonguing Bryan's hole to open it in the same, slightly more sexual, way that the advertising caravan opens each stage of the Tour de France, Stany flips him over on his back to plunge his meat inside of him. He starts banging him and he soon accelerates the pace, his flesh flapping against his youngest rider's. He bangs him so hard that he makes the massage table creak but his energetic thrusts galvanize the hot athlete who moans louder and louder as Stany's thick cock moves harder and harder in and out of him. Bryan is enjoying this anal drilling session so much that he cums on his stomach without warning but his stud of coach keeps going, fucking him harder and faster. Eventually, he spurts out a small cumshot on Bryan's butt-cheek. Better than EPO, sperm is a kind of medicine that not only heals different types of wounds but also increases performances. Too bad his dose was so small but what can he say... Other riders already got a similar treatment earlier. Poor Stany cannot supply his entire team with his personal semen. He is just a man, just a man!

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