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Billy is back in a hot scene with T-Bow. After some oral sex''Hmmm you're a good cock-sucker, Billy Boy'' it's time for some anal drilling session. A high-spirited shooting.

Billy is meeting a friend of his, in Lille, on a construction site. Of course, he is not coming to give him a hand with the construction work but rather to give him a head... Menoboy Studios was there and here's what happened...

After six months of absence, Billy is back to test my basement, well, my private back room. A video in which Billy and Ced make me horny as well as you...

Billy is hanging out in the marina. He is approached by Evan who asks him for a light. After chatting a little bit, they decide to go for a drink at Evan's dad's house. Very quickly, they forget about the drink and get into a hot sex session.

You will discover sex but also fits of laughter behind the scenes of'Hot Shooting' by Menoboy Studios. Come share the high spirits of the actors and myself. We're waiting for you.