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Zack and Tybo Calter are at Dylan's uncle's house. Dylan is a young straight boy, who is very sensitive and unstable. The two love birds are kissing up until the moment when Dylan asks them to go somewhere else. Zack and Tybo refuse and strangely enough, Dylan's behavior actually changes. What prompts Dylan to finally go down on them?

Nassim, Eric and Zack are walking in the woods when they find themselves horny as hell and decide to have some outdoor fun in the middle of a clearing. They start with some good old-fashioned chain suck: Nassim blows Zack who blows Eric. Then, they switch positions so that each one of them could have a taste of each other's dicks. Quickly, Nassim turns out to be the hungriest of the three so, he slavishly services his two buds, who relish in the juicy blowjob they are getting from him.

Before we could film him for a gay porn movie, we had to show him what gay sex was like. Here is Zack, MENOBOY's slutty thug, taking the first steps. Watch out! There will be a massive facial cumshot.

Zack, Menoboy Studios' slutty thug, loves going for a walk in the forest to find a manly mouth. A 100% exclusive video by Menoboy Studios.

Zack spots a shady guy in a parking-lot. He decides to park his car and to follow him to a remote place. Zack drops down to his knees and starts working his lips up and down the hunk's shaft before offering him his sweet ass. A video directed by the Menoboy Studios.

Dylan, Sensitive Straight Boy
Outdoor Chainfuck
The Warden's Revenge
Not that Straight...
Outdoor Sex Session
Sex with a Stranger in an Underground Parking-Lot
Who's gonna do me today?
The Landlord is Obedient
There are 5 other videos with Zack on this website There are 5 other videos with Zack on this website
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