Quillian Betton

Quillian Betton

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Quilliam forgot to get the delivery note signed. Diego Delavega scolds him, telling him that a signature is always required. Then, to make amends' ad to relax him' the employee offers to give his boss a blow job. Diego is very responsive to the offer and pulls out his dick, telling Quillian:'Knock yourself out'. Quillian is relishing his boss' meaty cock :)

Kenzo walks into the workshop part of the company, Diego Inc.. Right away, he walks up to Quillian to bang him. A nice oral sex session before some anal fucking and it all ends up with Kenzo spraying his load on Quillian's face.

Spencer is cruising Dylan. When they start making out, one of their colleagues walks into the room. Without even asking for permission, Quillian Betton grabs Dylan's dick and swallows it. Spencer lies down on the table to get boned by Dylan but soon Quillian wants to take his place. A great scene with two bottoms at the disposal of hot top Dylan Menoboy.

Kent is a hot twink who spends a lot of time in his bedroom. He did not go to practice today and Quillian comes to check on him. Away from parents' eyes, Quillian will take advantage of the young gay boy. He starts with a nice blow job and goes on with a hot ass workout: he fucks him in a variety of positions on the bed. The production team's favorite scene... ;)

Jessy Dog finds himself in the warden's office for throwing his meal tray in John Despe's face. Malik, the gay civil servant, cannot get anything out of the scum and he sends him to the isolation wing. But it is not Malik's last word and he goes to the laundry room to question Quillian, who witnessed the scene. He will not spill the beans. Malik does not particularly appreciate such rebellious behavior. To wield his authority, he decides to humiliate the guy and to fuck him.'You don't want to talk? Your mouth is of no use then...', he tells him. Then, he starts fingering the puckered hole of the young boy, who is in tears, before hardly fucking him on the laundry basket. In pain, Quillian attempts to take hold of the walkie-talky to call for help. In Vain. To punish him, Malik thrusts his cock in and out of Quillian's tight ass even harder. Finally, to top it all, the warden unleashes his load of spunk all over the inmate's face before kicking him with his boots. A XXX humiliation scene.

Cedric, the Youth Center Supervisor, has summoned Quillian Betton in his office. The reason? Quillian assaulted a new guy in the dorm with Evan Equiel. Quillian denies it but Cedric is no sucker. In order to punish him, he uses his power to corrupt Quillian who is begging him to let him go. All of a sudden, while Cedric is punishing the brat, another twink walks in on them. He freezes right on the spot but Cedric orders him to take out his dick and to play with his friend. A genuine abuse of power.

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There are 2 other videos with Quillian Betton on this website There are 2 other videos with Quillian Betton on this website
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