Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati est l'un de ces bogosse sportif que l'on kiffe tout de suite avec son regard de braise et son sourire de loveur. Math est TBM avec une bonne queue de 19 cm bien épaisse et un coup de rein rapide et violent. Ce mec est infatigable au niveau sexe et vous risquez d'en redemander!
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Published: 2019-02-26

Mathieu Ferhati comes home and finds his roommate Mathieu Lafitte, asleep after a hard rugby training session. He's gonna gently wake him up with a nice blowjob...a bit of feet worshipping between the two horny boys before playing with a Fleshjack on Matt's enormous dick. The two boys end up shooting their sticky load on Mathieu's T-shirt. Naughty boys!!!

Published: 2019-02-04

They met once before and had fun. They had to meet again! For their new session Mathieu Ferhati and Marc Humper are gonna go full on. Marc likes to be told what to do and Mathieu knows it. He takes out his big dick and encourage his fuck-buddy to deep-throat it. To motivate him he slaps him in the face and slams his fat cock on his cheeks. Marc loves the abuse and asks for more. When his nipples get squeezed by his friend he arches his back and presents his hole for some good lubricating action. With his face in his buddy's sneakers he gets fucked doggy-style!

Published: 2018-12-02

Mathieu Ferhati & Enzo Milano has a serious urge to fuck. They go down into the basement of the building where Matthew takes all his fuck buddy. Just after arriving, the two studs eat each other's mouths. This makes Mathieu hard through his ​​shorts! Enzo will soon swallow the beautiful 20 cm dick. Matt will then rim his ass through his jockstrap and fuck while having the bitch sniff his smoking Tn's.

Published: 2018-11-21

Mathieu Ferhati and Kyle are playing on PlayStation. But Kyle is not really focused on the screen, but more on the sneakers of his buddy. Finally he drops down playstation controller and lay donw on his knees to sniff Mat's Air Max skets... He will get out his 20cm cock.

Published: 2018-10-30

New meat!! Mathieu Ferhati loves new meat. He likes to break in new boys in need of sneaker action. Little scallies who dream of worshiping his feet, smelling his gym worn socks and servicing his big cock. When he gets his hands on one, his predator instinct takes over. He becomes the dominant fucker we know and love! Check him out now with a newbie... HOT!

Published: 2018-10-19

The locker rooms are place of wild happenings. From times to times you'll find there some gorgeous guys fucking after football match or training ! Mathieu Ferhati, a top french sneaker, likes to dominate his pals. This time he submits a handsome spanish guy to his big fat cock. The latin lover will swallow his cock like a hungry beast, before giving him to eat his ass. He'll be fucked like a bitch despite his straight acting and sportsweare outfit. The walls still echo the sound of blows-job and some traces of juice can be found on the wall

Published: 2018-10-13

Tonight, on the shooting set of our movie'Our Secret', things get out of control with the actors who want to fuck the only actress, Gwen. For some, it is a first time, for others it is a bi-sexual foursome. A must-see real video.

Published: 2018-10-05

First scene of Fighters with Mathieu Ferhati at the top of his art ! This little slut of Anthony Cruz, reputed to be top will understand who the boss is. Math in boxer boosted joins the locker well venerate and will put to his fist Anthony who is going to seriously mischievous. Insults fed, good spanking session, sniffing the sweaty court before swallowing Mathieu's powerful cock to make him tears in his eyes. Puffing ass before dismantling Anthony's ass to yell in the entire locker room. For Mathieu a hole is a hole!

Published: 2018-09-18

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Published: 2018-09-02

Mathieu Ferhati comes upon little Justin who's sniffing pair of sneakers he left on the floor. "Ah yea!!?? You like this shit?!! Why don't you taste my cock while you're at it?!!" Matt takes out is long meaty dick and starts face-fucking the little pig. Then he uses he footwear to spank the kinky boy. Once the boy's ass is red-hot, it's time to give it a good bang!

Published: 2018-08-27

Ivan is a hot stud from Russia, visiting a bunch of friends in southern France. He is discreetly jerking off in the stair case when his mate, Mathieu, walks in on him. With no hesitation whatsoever, Mathieu drops to his knees and starts blowing Ivan's rock-hard 8.5-inch cock. The horny Russian stud then spins Mathieu around and pushes him up against the wall to take care of his sweet hole. After gently eating him out, he shoves his meaty cock into his friend's welcoming ass. Mathieu then gets on all fours and gets banged relentlessly by his Russian friend in the middle of the stair case before moving up against the banister in a hot standing-fuck. Their moaning testifies to the pleasure they are taking from this unexpected hookup, which draws the attention to their roommates in the living room. It actually does even more than that: it gives them some inspiration. To emulate the two hotties, they get into a hot threesome on the couch, almost stealing their friends' thunder. But it does not bother Ivan and Mathieu, who keep fucking in a variety of positions. Ivan is really attentive to Mathieu's pleasure asking him every now and them if he is enjoying it. In the end, he shoots an impressive load of cum on Mathieu's back, before being joined by the two other tops who add their hot creamy spunk to the hot stud's. That's how hot it gets when a bunch of French people live together and have someone over. Who said French people weren't welcoming?

Published: 2018-08-01

A top french porn star Mathieu Ferhati is spending his holidays in Nice, on the french riviera. A nice sunny day is a perfect moment to exhibit your body to the sunshine, but also to all your neighbor. One of them will join Mathieu on the balcony and two guys will make love, or to be more precise, fuck hard, right there. Sun, sea and sex... That's french riviera.

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