Trained to moan
Trained to moan

Trained to moan

Gay video. Time: 24 min

Fares likes to initiate manly scally guys who need to learn how to let go. He'll train a guy in a balaclava and teach him to worshipping cock and moan. What makes Fares a top boss is that you don't have to think with him: you just show up, obey and that's it. Let him put his big dominant hands on you, control you and turn you into the best version of yourself: obedient, behaving more and more like a good doggie in front of his Master. The boss's thick, exquisite cock gets you hooked straight away, you learn to deep throat and you'll moan like you never thought you could. The more you get pounded, the more you'll love giving your butt, arching it and behaving like a slut. Needless to say, you'll want to swallow it all.

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