Beg for cock with your eyes
Beg for cock with your eyes

Beg for cock with your eyes

Gay video. Time: 20 min

Rafael likes expert big-dick worshippers and guys who let loose. That's why he met Julien Stark and challenged him to claim his dick with his eyes. No need to talk, Julien knows what he has to do. When Rafael pulls up his T-shirt, Julien naturally prostrates himself to smell and lick, to worship, until he ends up on his knees in front of the big package. There, he starts to play with his lips, his mouth and finally swallows the big dick. As Rafael fucks his mouth, Julien looks him square in the eye, imploring. He makes Rafael feel all-powerful and with his bulging eyes makes him feel the need to take more and more. Very good: he's earned to be copiously fucked in all directions. And in the end, of course, you still have to look at the boss and beg to swallow his hot milk.

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Rafael et Julien Stark  9 features an additional 4483 gay porn videos of this type. features an additional 4483 gay porn videos of this type.
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