How I fucked a rapper
How I fucked a rapper

How I fucked a rapper

Gay video. Time: 20 min

Jonas is a young rapper in search of success. He pretends to like chicks, but in the evening, in a discreet hotel, he meets Martin Rudee to play with his dick. Wearing a chain around his neck and glasses, Jonas acts like a star, but soon realizes that there's no room for whims here. Martin doesn't want to hear his flow, he just wants to fuck. Jonas lets loose with his cock and reveals his sexy underwear: a jockstrap that shows how much he wants to get fucked. His career hasn't even begun yet, but he's already got it up the ass, but in a good way. Better than an award, Jonas gets a shower of cum on his face. That's the best reward you can get for being a good sucker.

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