Tybo and Dylan

Time: 12 min

Dylan and Tybo have been roommates for just a few days and there is some sexual tension between them. Since they haven't worked out their morning bathroom schedule yet, they find themselves at the same time in the bathroom this morning. They start messing around, tickling each other to convince nicely the other one to go away. But what was bound to happen suddenly happens and the messing around soon gives way to some fooling around. They start making out and, taking advantage of this moment of complicity, Dylan goes down on his hot roommie. He has been wondering if his roommate was well-hung⦠Now he knows! He bobs his head on Tybo's already-hard dick, relishing in the feeling of having that nice dick inside his mouth. Then, it's Dylan's turn to get a blown by Tybo and he enjoys his roommate's hot expert mouth. Tybo runs his tongue along Dylan's hard dick, he wraps his lips around Dylan's cock head and downs his roommate's rod. Then, Tybo turns around and offers his sweet ass to Dylan. They start with some nice standing-fuck in front of the mirror and they really enjoy watching themselves doing it. They look so hoooot! It really turns them on! They then move onto the tub to end up on the floor for some hot doggie-style⦠Dylan fucks his roommate harder and harder. It feels so good that the two cuties are soon really close. Tybo is the first one to cum: he stands up and spews his hot goo on Dylan's face. Then, Dylan stands up and shoots his load on Tybo's muscular chest. Those two have managed to kill two birds with one stone. Not only have they worked out their morning bathroom schedule but they have also found a nice way to solve the problems that might arise every now and then⦠They are bound to be roommates for quite a whileâ¦

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